Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Around the Boat Haven Docks

The Port of Port Townsend is a busy place year-round. The Boat Haven marinas appear to be filled with mostly recreational boats of all kinds, while the boat yards seem to have a good distribution of both pleasure and work vessels hauled out. Walking the area offers great photo ops in the yards and on the docks. The Cape Cleare is a salmon troller that fishes the Alaska season and produces a premium flash-frozen-at-sea product. For my money, it sets the standard for highest quality seafood. Luckily, folks around these parts enjoy opportunities to purchase their salmon straight off Cape Cleare's trailer grills at the local farmer's market and food co-op. It's a good thing!


Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Good idea....but I'm falling down !

Benjamin Madison said...

I really enjoy your photos - it's nice to see what's happening over there on the other side of the water....

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Your photos are beautiful. Welcome to the CDPB world. :)


raf said...

Thank you chateau-gontierdp
for your comment. Be careful though with that balance problem. It's hard to resist reflection shots with boats on the water. Your excellent photos do great justice to your beautiful and charming city.

Thanks, ben for the comment. I think we're both just now getting started with cdp. great community. Can't help but fall in love with your city each time I visit.

Thanks for the warm welcome, fenix- bostonscapes. Yours is one of the few US cities I've missed in my travels, but have started visiting through your fine blog.

Thank you all!

Alex said...

Very nice photos. Love the maritime culture.


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