Friday, March 21, 2008

Breakfasts and Boats

Salty sign outside, good food inside. The Landfall is one of numerous breakfast/lunch dining spots favored by locals here. Located alongside the Point Hudson Marina docks, it offers its patrons great views of the boating activities and people coming and going. It's a funky, well-worn and comfortable place with a kitchen and staff that do a great job. I especially like their Eggs Sardou, a veggie version of Eggs Benedict that even a meat-eater can like. Not for dieting, however - very rich. Next door to the Landfall is P.S. Express which provides boat trips for the ever-popular whale watching tours. The marina has just undergone a major upgrade of its facilities and is again fully open and accessible. It is also the major venue for the annual Wooden Boat Festival in September.


mental mosaic said...

Gotta love The Landfall. Does their menu still describe the place as 'a funky seafood dive with panache?'

Lake Lady said...

The Landfall is a MUST when you visit PT...also recommend the whale watching trip to Friday Harbor. Another great sign shot, Unc!