Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here's to you, Eric!

Many thanks to you, Eric Tenin, for initiating this wonderful blogging community of folks from around the globe wishing to share a personal glimpse of their cities with all the world. Your five years at the helm without missing a post is truly remarkable! Love your style, images and posts and looking forward to many more years of same. Although I've had the pleasure of visiting your fabulous city, it is your PDP that has given me the most insight of all. Thank you!
Even though there is someone with a beret in the picture, it was not taken in Paris, but in Seattle's Public Market and used here because Pike Place has to me, a little of the feel that Eric captures so often. Oh, and the gentleman with beret does happen to be someone many of us in the CDP blogging community also know!

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Louis la Vache said...

hee hee! Nice tip of the beret to Eric and to Chuckasaurus Vespasus!

Kim said...

That's our Chuck, always eying the the wheel-candy! He's truly a citizen of the world with a trés apropos chapeau!

Raf, You've put into words for so many of us just how we feel about Eric and PDP. Thank you for articulating it so well!

Petrea said...

What a nice post, and you even got Chuck in the picture (and Kim and Louis in the comments)--truly a northwest CDP group. Ah, now I've gone and ruined it and it's just...west.