Thursday, October 7, 2010

L is for the Link that Bonds

Link, a word with so many meanings and uses. The link seen here is a small bronze marine quick snap that connects, holds and keeps two or more parts together, such as the light rigging lines aboard a sailboat. It was given to me by a family member as an expression of support during the rough pasages I've had with health issues this year. I carry it in my pocket now, because things like this quietly symbolize the many ways that our connections, our ties, keep and enrich our lives.
And thanks to you, Dear Readers who have continued to stop by for visits during my frequent absent periods on the web. I very much appreciate the friendly photoblogging ties we've shared in recent years and have missed the active involvement.
Things are looking up now and I look forward to getting back on course.

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Roger Owen Green said...

very touching. wishing you good health and good heart.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

joo said...

Good you're here again! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful photos:)

Gunsside said...

What a great gift as a symbol - and a great shot ;))